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The Art of Crafting the Perfect Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great way to make someone feel special for nearly any occasion. It can be fun personalizing the basket to the receiver, and the effort put into customized a gift basket is immediately evident. Whether you’re creating a basket for Christmas or need ideas of gifts for mom for Mother’s Day, these tips will help you craft the perfect gift basket.

Ideas of Gifts for Mom

Start with a Theme

The first step is to pick a theme. For example, if you are giving a gift basket for Christmas, you may want to choose Christmas mugs and other warm items to combat the cold. A sumptuously soft shawl will not only keep the recipient warm but will feel like a hug from you every time they wear it. You can choose a holiday theme, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, or a housewarming basket, or you can go with the receiver’s personality or interests. If they love hosting and being in the kitchen, focus on kitchen items and serve ware.

Choose a Container

Next, choose a container. Customize it to the rest of the gifts and the theme. If you are giving the recipient hosting and kitchen essentials, then a ceramic loaf pan with the sentiment, “Made for you,” is ideal. It’s functional and fits the theme, serving double purpose as the basket and another gift.

Coordinate Colors

It’s time to break out a color wheel. If possible, coordinate the colors of the gifts with the container. If you are choosing personalized mugs for the recipient, it’s easy to choose a mug of the right color. You can choose all one color, a gradient, complementing colors, or contrasting colors.

Layer with Filler

The next two steps are essentially done at the same time. First, you will need a layer of filler. This could be shredded paper, tissue paper, or some other type of filler. It helps fill in the gaps where there are no gifts and cushions individual gifts. It helps prevent the items from knocking into or rubbing against one another in transit.

Arrange the Items

Finally, with a layer of filler down, it’s time to arrange the items in the gift basket. There are a few different methods to arranging the items. The tallest items go in the center for the first option, getting shorter as you reach the edges of the basket. This is arranging in the round, with the gift basket balanced from all angles, items facing the nearest edge of the basket. Another option is starting with the tallest items at the back and arranging smaller items toward the front—all of the items should face the front of the basket. The key is to arrange the gifts so that they do not fall down.


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