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Need a Cozy Sunday? Five Tips to Help You Relax

Sometimes you just need to kick your feet up, throw on a blanket, and read a good book on a lazy Sunday. It’s a great way to relax and prepare to face the work week ahead by taking an hour or two to pamper yourself. If you want to have the ultimate lazy Sunday morning, read on.

Coffee Mugs

Grab a Cup of Coffee or Tea

Your first step is to wake up so you can enjoy the morning. Grab one of your favorite coffee mugs and start brewing. Live a little and use your favorite specialty brew. This should be your first step, as it could take a few minutes to brew or steep, and you can get other items on this list done in the meantime.

Warm Your Heart

If it’s a cold morning, light a fire in and gaze at some of the photo frames off the mantel. Even if you don’t have a fireplace, the photos of family and friends in colorful, creative picture frames will warm your heart. If you don’t have a mantel, put some frames on your coffee table to appreciate or look to them on a nearby shelf.

Get Comfy

Wrap yourself in a shawl, preferably one made from sumptuously soft fabric. One that has a pocket for eyeglasses or your cell phone is ideal, as it can free your hands up and carry small items if you need to get up. Putting on the shawl is also like getting a hug from your favorite person, whether it’s a friend or partner, and is especially nice if they aren’t close by. You can also put on socks made from the same material for added coziness and a hug for your feet. Spoil yourself with the comfy combo and revel in the relaxation.

Hug a Plush Friend

If you don’t have a person to share the moment with, grab a couple of stuffed animals and hold them close. They’ll provide comfort and joy as you sip your hot beverage, taking in the morning in all of its glory. Whenever you need, give the plush companions a squeeze and try not to smile. They aren’t just for kids, after all, and can provide a soothing presence for all ages.

Crack Open a Good Book

Finally, complete your relaxation by cracking open a good book. Whether it’s a book gifted by a friend or something you have only recently picked up, the combination of a hot beverage, a warm fire, a comfy blanket, socks knitted with love, a cuddle buddy, and a satisfying book will help reset your mind in the face of a long work week. Do you need inspiration? Try books that will help you embrace change or unleash your joy, with artwork and encouraging sentiments.


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